What We Do

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We Build Applications & Websites

Custom Invoicing Software, Cloud-Based Sales Team Applications, Inventory Maintenance Systems, eCommerce Projects, Social Media and SEO integration. We beautify your digital front door.

We Design Custom Signage & Wall Art Installations

Using synthetic and natural materials, we're equipped to design and install beautiful handcrafted art installations and custom signage to beautify your actual front door.

We Make Custom Media Content

Content is what makes a great brand great! We produce high quality, "for the web" content from product photography, and product videography to promotional videos and audio.


Does it build your business? Does it greet your customers effectively? Does it create opportunities? Does it answer the questions?

Responsive Design

Does it convey the culture of your company? Does it work on all devices? Does it create a seamless experience for your associates? How about your customers?


Is it easy to navigate? Does it need to have a learning curve? Is it better than we found it?

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Latest Projects

These are some of the things going on around Magoffin Development Solutions

Screen shot 2019 04 23 at 4.06.32 pm

New Website Application Launched

A great company in the heart of Hamilton Ontario needed some help updating their website. We created a full database backend for this one with a framework that we can build onto.

  • Apr/23/2019
2018 08 01 16.55.33

Gameline Painting at HSC

Working with Kypro Flooring and Joe Cool Design, we measured and laid out all of the necessary game lines for this intermediate gymnasium at HSC. Kypro Flooring removed the old floor covering and installed ...

  • Aug/10/2018

Video Projects

Some of the promotional videos we've produced for our clients

Screen shot 2019 04 29 at 9.25.29 pm

Kypro Stone Promotion

A video we created to promote the launch of Kypro.ca's new Stone Cutting facility in Ancaster Ontario.

Screen shot 2018 10 01 at 5.37.00 pm

A Kypro Community

Another dribble of content creation we did for an amazing and fast-growing company, Kypro. Look at how fast sales can spread neighbour to neighbour when you have a quality product and installation service!

Screen shot 2018 09 12 at 1.38.07 pm

Kypro Flooring Promo Short

Some social media advertising needed a bit of a kick with some delightful content...made with mostly still images and love.

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